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INISIrish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (Ireland)
INISInternational Nuclear Information System (International Atomic Energy Agency)
INISIraqi National Intelligence Service (est. 2004; Iraq)
INISInternational Network of Innovative School Systems (various locations)
INISInternational Neonatal Immunotherapy Study
INISInternationale Netzwerk Innovativer Schulsysteme (German: International Network of Innovative School Systems)
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INIS provides computerized access to a comprehensive collection of references to the world's nuclear literature.
On his return to the level, Inis Meain ran a fine race under a big weight to finish fourth in the Irish Lincoln.
INIS is a young company with experienced people in the business of organizing Exhibitions and Industry Trade Fairs in India and abroad.
The INIS was established by the Central Intelligence Agency in April 2004 as a non-sectarian agency that drew its personnel from all of Iraq's squabbling sects and ethnics groups.
In 2005, Shiite hardliners, under then-Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari, tried to take control of the INIS, but the Americans, who did not want pro-Iranian Shiites in charge, were able to deflect that move.
Earlier, Inishbofin ran out surprise winners of the Craggy World Cup beating rivals Inis Moir in the final and helping to raise 5,000 euro for the local lifeboat.
The airline said that celebrations on Inis Mor will mark the island's alias of 'Craggy Island', commencing with a cabaret night and moving onto 'Sporting' Saturday and 'Spiritual' Sunday.
Tony Cascarino, formerly of Chelsea, and Aldridge agreed to manage the teams from Inis Mor, and its smaller neighbour, Inis Oirr, respectively.
Although for the weekend Inis Mor (pronounced Inish-more) has become Craggy Island, it's actually another smaller rival island, Inis Oirr, which has the most claim to being the show's spiritual home.
Organiser Peter Phillips, who brings the Elvis Festival to Porthcawl every year, is behind the first ever TedFest on Inis Mor off Galway.
Inis Mor, the largest of the three Aran Islands off Co Galway, is planning a three-day "Friends of Ted" event to mark the ninth anniversary of the death of comic Dermot Morgan, the star of the Channel 4 series.
From our base in Oughterard it was only a 30-minute drive down to Rossaveel from where you can take a boat across to any of the three Aran Islands, Inis Oirr, Inis Meain or the biggest of the three, Inis Mor.