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INKInstituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit (Dutch: Dutch Quality Institute; Netherlands)
INKImagine Not Knowing (men's and women's apparel; Michigan)
INKInteractive News for Kids (Australia)
INKIglesia Ni Kristo (Church of Christ, Philippines)
INKInanda, Ntuzuma and Kwamashu (area in South Africa)
INKIn Neuem Kontext (German: In New Context; Berlin, Germany)
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"Ah, who would t'ink such a bad girl could grow up in our fambly, Jimmie, me son.
He t'inks he kin scrap, but when he gits me a-chasin' 'im he'll fin' out where he's wrong, deh damned duffer.
"Pen, ink, and paper, then," called Fernand loudly.
"No, friend " replied Raoul, smiling, "I am obliged to you, but at this moment I want nothing but the things for which I have asked -- only I shall be very glad if the ink prove black and the pen good; upon these conditions I will pay for the pen the price of the bottle, and for the ink the price of the pie."
At the end of this clause, a line had been added, also in red ink:
The Beaver brought paper,portfolio, pens, And ink in unfailing supplies: While strange creepy creatures came out of their dens, And watched them with wondering eyes.
"Want the pen and ink, Sir?" inquired his pedestrian host.
(So far, it seemed to me to be juggling, accompanied by a foolish waste of ink. I was beginning to feel sleepy again, when Penelope's next words stirred me up.)
And this put me in mind that I wanted many things notwithstanding all that I had amassed together; and of these, ink was one; as also a spade, pickaxe, and shovel, to dig or remove the earth; needles, pins, and thread; as for linen, I soon learned to want that without much difficulty.
She did not expect that Tom could get out of his trouble by denying that he spilt the ink on the book himself; and she was right.
He hailed a passing taxi and directed the driver to make for the Pen and Ink Club.
`Tell the man the formula for powder is in grey envelope in first drawer to the left of Secretary's desk, War Office, in red ink. He must be careful.