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INKAInstitute of Knowledge Advancement (Malaysia)
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11) El tamano monumental del complejo citado da idea de la riqueza productiva de la region en tiempo inka (pueden verse los dibujos reconstructivos y fotos en Niles, 1999).
La vida es mas Yube que Inka, ya que es un camino hacia el destino post-mortem, dominio de Inka.
The Virgin, in her identification with Pachamama, the Earth Mother, maintains the Inka people's great reverence for nature, which they worshipped on a daily basis.
Contact: Inka Presswood Pallets Ltd, tel: 01277 811085 or fax: 01277 811971.
In 1564, during a politically turbulent stretch in Hispanic efforts to colonize the Inka empire, a hoary conquistador named Geronimo Costilla petitioned his superiors in Lima for help in containing the excesses of the native elite (indios principales) of Cuzco.
Unlike Anglo Americans, Spanish American literary historians have long counted texts written by Indians (or mestizos) among their national "classics," such as those of the Inka Garcilaso de la Vega, the mestizo son of a Spanish conqueror and an Inka princess, whose early-seventeenth-century works were published during his lifetime in Spain and have since been regarded as pivotal texts in the emergence of a Latin American literary expression.
Says Victor Camino, head of Your Marketing Team, the company in charge of promoting Mexicola: "When I eat at a Peruvian restaurant, I drink Inka Kola, so why not Mexicola in a Mexican restaurant?
Guaman Poma claims descent from both Spanish nobility and the Inka royal family and explicitly wrote this extraordinary document for Philip III of Spain.
INKA, PT Industri Kereta Api (Persero) of Indonesia and Kirow Ardelt of Germany secured the works and inked the deals at separate ceremonies at Railway Bhaban.
Also, Satu Huber, Erkki Jarvinen and Inka Mero are proposed as new members of the board of directors.
If you can't get enough Peruvian food, Dubai is the place to live, it seems: Another Peruvian restaurant is set to open its doors, to join the likes of Tesoro, Coya, Inka, Garden and Toro Toro.
Esto ocurrio como consecuencia de prospecciones sistematicas realizadas en los alrededores del complejo inka de Cortaderas, con el fin de localizar sitios de caracter ceremonial-religioso articulados con ellos y su posible asociacion con otros rasgos significativos del paisaje local.