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INLI'm Not Laughing
INLIdaho National Laboratory
INLInstitut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon (French: Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology; Lyon, France)
INLInter Nodal Link
INLInstrumentation Library
INLInner Nuclear Layer
INLInstituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie
INLIntegral Non-Linearity
INLIndian National League (political party; India)
INLInternational Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Bureau (US Department of State)
INLInternational Falls, MN, USA - Falls International (Airport Code)
INLInfoterm Newsletter
INLInternode Link
INLInternodal Link (Timeplex Equipment)
INLInspection Log
INLInfocom Network Limited (India)
INLIntegrated News Layout
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INL noted that initial fleet testing of the vehicle has yielded an average of 17.
The strategic centerpiece of the ACI is INL programming in Colombia, the source of 90 percent of all the cocaine reaching the United States.
Sample newspapers in SII's ANPA/TEC booth represented several INL customers.
Under the terms of the new Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), OriginOil will provide INL with its Single Step Extraction[TM] technology, and contribute its knowledge of how to stimulate oil production and pre-treat for consistent extraction of the algae and its co-products.
In response, INL developed a program to assist the Ukraine Ministry of Interior to develop, recruit, vet, train and equip this new force with the help of two premier U.
Remote-handled LLW generated at INL has historically been disposed of onsite.
INL is also assisting Sindh Police in the areas of curriculum development for recruit and in-service training to enhance the capacity and professionalism of police officers.
Within the frame work of the Big Sky Partnership, INL researchers are tasked with identifying and cataloguing sources of carbon dioxide and locating and characterizing geologic sequestration sites.
Ulrich was most recently an Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Advisory Scientist and worked closely with OriginOil to create a strategic partnership between INL and OriginOil, as well as launching the first Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between OriginOil and INL.
William Zalman, the INL Corrections Advisor said, 'It is our honor to provide assistance to these incredible individuals who are a forgotten but critical part of the criminal justice system and provide a thankful service to Karachi and Pakistan.
Embassy Manila INL, and INL's Office of Criminal Justice Assistance and Partnership, to develop a special diver training course for underwater search, crime scene, and disaster investigations.
Department of the Treasury, INL and the State Department's Bureau for Counterterrorism work collectively to implement a multi-million dollar training and technical assistance program designed to develop or enhance the capacity of countries which are vulnerable to being used for financing terrorism.