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INLAIrish National Liberation Army
INLAInternational Nuclear Law Association (Brussels, Belgium)
INLAIraq National Library and Archives (Baghdad, Iraq)
INLAIdaho Nursery and Landscape Association
INLAInternational Nature Loving Association (Indonesia)
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Evil Flynn, named in court as the boss of terrorism group the INLA, was for years one of Britain's most-wanted criminals.
Some residents also staged a protest at the home of another INLA leader accused of terrorising wayward youngsters.
The catalogue of "errors" outlined yesterday include intelligence bosses at MI5 failing to pass on information that Wright was under INLA threat.
Inside, however, amidst the usual Celtic FC regalia, the walls are adorned with pro INLA slogans, IRA references, republican propaganda and an array of rebel song CDs for sale.
And threatening to rape a boy is just pure evil - just like the INLA.
The lapses which allowed a wire fence to be cut by the INLA men.
The INLA were basically saying that the matter had nothing to do with them and the person being harassed was merely a party worker and to help monitor the situation," the source said.
Martin McMonagle, a former INLA prisoner and IRSP spokesman, said: "The nature of the conflict dictated that armed struggle was the only option available to those who wished to bring down a corrupt and stubborn regime and to remove the British occupation from Ireland.
The INLA, which is politically represented by the IRSP, was behind some of the most sickening attacks of the Troubles.
Police on both sides of the border were put on full alert after a massive weapons haul in the Galliagh estate in the city - a long-time INLA stronghold.
The murder was claimed by the INLA who alleged Mr McGlynn was a drug dealer but Det Supt Frankie Taylor, who led the murder inquiry, said that was speculation.