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That's the question punters havetoaskthemselves,andthere are enough reasons going into tonight'sfightattheMGMGrand inLas Vegastothink Timothy Bradley isaverylive4-1underdog.
Student debt plays the biggest role in housing affordability inLas Vegas, where buyers with no student debt can afford a much larger share of the homes for sale than those with student debt (57 percent versus 29.3 percent, respectively).
WilliamHill,whichdeclinedtocomment yesterday, spentmorethan$53million lastyeartoacquireitsthreenewcompanies inLas VegasandnorthernNevada.InApril itwas reportedtheapplicationcouldbe delayed in part to concerns over the company's joint venture with Israelibased Playtech, whose founder Teddy Sagispentninemonthsinjailforbribery andfraudin1996.
The renter rate inLas Vegasis just over 47 percent, up from 38 percent 10 years prior.
The permit pace inLas Vegasslowed the most, falling from 14.4 permits per 1,000 residents prior to the housing boom to just 3.2 permits for every 1,000 residents over the past 10 years.
Nine metro areas increased year-over-year by double-digit percentages, with the largest increases seen inLas Vegas, NV, 18%,Seattle, WA, 17%,Boise, ID, 15.8% andSan Francisco, CA, 15.4%.<br />Days on Market Average of 53 metro areas<br />The average Days on Market for homes sold inApril 2018was 52, down eight days from the average inMarch 2018, and down five days from theApril 2017average.
metros.<br />The median home value inSan Joseis now$1,265,300, up almost 26 percent since last May.Homevalues rose 15.5 percent over the past year inLas Vegasand 12 percent over the past year inSeattle.<br />Spring home shoppers will have 5.3 percent fewer homes to choose from than last year, though the pace of inventory declines has been slowing for the past 10 months.