INMINDImaging of Neuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases (EU project)
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contextual understanding of a user's real-time needs, but InMind - conceived
EmmaLavelle,trainerofOuzbeck "He'sbeentrainedwiththisracespecifically inmind,heseemsingoodformand,as long as the ground isn't too soft, he shouldbefine."
Swedish consultancy Sweco (STO:SWECB) announced the acquisition of sector player Inmind without providing any financial information.
ALAN KING still has the Cheltenham Festival inmind for Medermit and Karabak even though both horses were beaten at the Prestbury Park track on Saturday.
"We trained without them and we already had contingencyplans inmind which we've begun to put into operation.
Charitable status confers tax advantages to a social enterprise, but trading conditions can be restrictive STARTING UP A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Before starting the process of entering the social enterprise sector, there are a few points to bear inmind: n Does your business generate income and profits which are used to further social and/or environmental goals?
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 have been developed with today's economy inmind where long-term business success needs to be built on two things: innovationand productivity.
With that inmind, he enlisted the help of BirchfieldHarriers' sprint coach Tony Lester as he sought the pace that would make outside centre a viable option.
Each product is designed with a specific timber inmind and every piece of elm, ash, beech, oak or walnut comes from sustainable forests in North America or Europe.
"These players have been signed with this goal inmind and will nowbegin the process of being developed."
''You find that the good players are all on contracts at this time of the year so, with that inmind, I will be looking at getting a couple in on loan.
An institution may also have inmind to sell a particular building and then the management assignment will be terminated when the right buyer comes along.