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TABLE 2: Zone of inhibition inmm at 25, 50, and 100 [micro]g/mL concentrations.
The bath recording solution contained (inmM) 133NaCl, 10 TEACl, 10 Ba[Cl.sub.2], 10 HEPES, 5 glucose, and 0.001 TTX (pH 7.3 NaOH).
Triceps skinfold thickness was measured using a graded caliper and recorded inmm. In addition, the subjects' ages were calculated exactly as the difference between the date of the interview and that of birth, which were recorded in their birth certificate accurately.
Gen., IAEA, Keynote Address at the INMM 52nd Annual Meeting: IAEA Safeguards Cooperation as the Key to Change 1-2 (July 18, 2011), transcript available at statements-repository/Key_to_Change.pdf (highlighting key ways in which the IAEA's safeguard system can be more effective).