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- It is observed that the influences of INMR and OTMR on the endogenous variable are not significant, which means that the employers do not take into account the immigration and the emigration.
D(EMPR?) 7.008395 1.761086 3.979587 0.0001 D(INMR?) 0.204442 0.042099 4.856217 0.0000 D(MYHR?) -19.34940 3.123451 -6.194877 0.0000 D(OTMR?) -0.183372 0.042726 -4.291838 0.0000 INMRRO 0.057184 0.020583 2.778219 0.0065 MYHRRO 2.380529 0.465706 5.111658 0.0000 OTMRRO -0.058414 0.020416 -2.861244 0.0051 EMPRRO 0.316290 0.161204 1.962051 0.0525 Weighted Statistics R-squared 0.545431 Mean dependent var 0.331437 Adjusted 0.513611 S.D.
In these conditions, for the unilateral standard test in the EMPR equation, the probability of Ist grade risk is, 0.1615/2 = 0.08, which means that we can accept the INMR variable with a degree of confidence higher than 90%.
Error t-Statistic D(INMR?) -0.002250 0.001594 -1.411916 D(OTMR?) 0.004297 0.001136 3.782701 D(MYHR?) 0.202015 0.037376 5.404966 D(GEXR?) 0.000943 0.000166 5.669024 OTMR_RO -0.000180 1.57E-05 -11.45982 MYHR_RO 0.291378 0.024935 11.68542 GEXR_RO -0.007818 0.000674 -11.59702 R-squared 0.400763 Mean dependent var Adjusted R-squared 0.360365 S.D.
One of the fake e-mails relating to the RSPCA also suggests that former Cardiff council leader Russell Good way - who played no part inMr Hain's deputy leadership campaign - had offered to allow campaign workers to use his office "after hours".
On Wednesday, Mr Justice Barton sitting at London's High Court said there were "nine scientific errors" inMr Gore's film, some ofwhichhad arisen in "the context of alarmismand exaggeration"
The jury, at London's High Court, was also given details for the first time of a large collection of drink inMr Paul's flat after his death.
A third person named inMr Sadiq's report, employee Llinos Spenser, was cleared.
The unlabelled acetate - a record made directly from a master tape - was buried at the bottom of a box of records purchased by Tom Fisher, 34, who runs Rat Records inMr Fisher said: ``It's a pretty healthy mark-up, I can't really complain.''
They stayed out too long and were trapped as the tide came inMr Holroyde told the court that Lin Liang Ren was in Morecambe Bay on the night of the tragedy and tried to cover up his role in it.