INMSIon and Neutral Mass Spectrometer (instrument on Cassini orbiter, NASA)
INMSIntegrated Network Management System
INMSIntegrated Network Mastering System
INMSInstitute for New Media Studies (University of Minnesota)
INMSInstitute for National Measurement Standards (Canada)
INMSIndustry Number Management Services, Ltd.
INMSInternational Network Management System (telecommunications)
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More than simply water, the INMS found the rings to be composed of water, methane, ammonia, carbon monoxide, molecular nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
"Hydrogen provides a source of chemical energy supporting microbes that live in the Earth's oceans near hydrothermal vents," Hunter Waite, INMS principal investigator and another author of the study, said in the statement.
Section III contains INMS method details used to estimate the peak shape features.
New media and intercultural communication theory is the primary area of INMS, exploring the impact of information communication technologies (ICTs) on communication between people from different cultures in virtual and physical worlds.
The INMS found the gas to be primarily water vapor (92%), mixed with smaller amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane, ammonia, hydrocarbons including acetylene and propane, and possibly even argon.
A bio-feedback device measured isometric muscle strength (INMS): participants performed upper cervical flexion without flexion of the mid and lower cervical spine at five incremental stages and held it for five seconds with a 10 second rest in between.
These include the advanced DSN/DRSN Integrated Management Support System and the Integrated Network Management System (INMS).
The Dashboard reportedly overlays MTC's NetBoss Integrated Network Management System (INMS) to provide summary information of the network.
DCA's products include MIS (Mastering Interface System), SVS+ (Signal Verification System), INMS (Integrated Network Mastering System) and the most recent development -- Optisend which is an electronic alternative to standard courier based methods of shipping and receiving digital media.
Several vendors are working on Integrated Network Management Systems (INMS) and some of these products have been on the market for a while.
HONOUR: INMS honours Hari Aryal, second from right.