INMSInstitute for National Measurement Standards (Canada)
INMSIndustry Number Management Services, Ltd.
INMSIntegrated Network Management System
INMSIon and Neutral Mass Spectrometer (instrument on Cassini orbiter, NASA)
INMSInternational Network Management System (telecommunications)
INMSInstitute for New Media Studies (University of Minnesota)
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In fact, to ascertain whether 20th century intercultural communication theories adequately explain intercultural transactions in a digital era, it is important that scholars turn their attention to intercultural new media studies and research Focusing on the secondary area of INMS, this article next explores the impact of culture on the social uses of new media.
In addition to inspiring intercultural new media research, INMS has practical pedagogical implications, particularly for intercultural communication.
To develop intercultural new media content for an existing class or a new class, Shuter's (in press) article on intercultural new media studies is a valuable resource because it defines the parameters of INMS, critiques the digital salience of current theories of intercultural communication, and offers a comprehensive bibliography of intercultural new media research.
preliminary results suggest that physiotherapy associated with acupuncture significantly reduced pain intensity and muscle tension, decreased disability, and also improved the INMS in patients with NTS.
While INMS is an improvement, it still doesn't quite accomplish what most managers want.
INMS manages DISA's Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), comprised of secured and un-secured networks and related services as well as the deployment of network circuits comprising the Global Information Grid (GIG).
The INMS will monitor the entire network for equipment faults and network performance parameters, correlate these, and provide a unified view of service quality across the network.
Developed by IPL Information Processing Limited, an OSI distributor in Bath, England, the INMS will use, NetExpert for fault and performance management on a range of managed elements, including Ericsson AXE-10 transit switches, Nokia and Motorola Base Station Controllers and Base Transceiver Stations, Ericsson MSCs, Motorola EMX-2500 switches and TACS base stations and voice messaging devices.
The ability to connect diverse equipment from various vendors and globally manage and correlate information was a key factor in the choice of OSI's NetExpert Framework," said Simon Pearson, Cellnet's INMS project manager.
When completed in July, the INMS will provide integrated management of three TMB-owned cellular operators -- Telekom Cellular, Mobikom and ATUR.