INMSIon and Neutral Mass Spectrometer (instrument on Cassini orbiter, NASA)
INMSIntegrated Network Management System
INMSIntegrated Network Mastering System
INMSInstitute for New Media Studies (University of Minnesota)
INMSInstitute for National Measurement Standards (Canada)
INMSIndustry Number Management Services, Ltd.
INMSInternational Network Management System (telecommunications)
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And several members of the Cassini INMS team are developing an exquisitely sensitive, next-generation version of their instrument for flight on Europa Clipper.
To expand on the success of the workshops, Aboulfotouh and his partners at INMS will be launching in three or fourth months an "Arabic E-Books Academy.
In this section, we shall briefly describe INMS method for unconstrained parametric optimization of modified Lorentzian function given by [11]; (8)
In fact, to ascertain whether 20th century intercultural communication theories adequately explain intercultural transactions in a digital era, it is important that scholars turn their attention to intercultural new media studies and research Focusing on the secondary area of INMS, this article next explores the impact of culture on the social uses of new media.
Yet INMS observed ammonia only during the very closest of the 2008 flybys, and not in great abundance.
preliminary results suggest that physiotherapy associated with acupuncture significantly reduced pain intensity and muscle tension, decreased disability, and also improved the INMS in patients with NTS.
While INMS is an improvement, it still doesn't quite accomplish what most managers want.
INMS implementation is a major step in the direction of touch s vision of achieving excellence in customer experience management.