INOGATE[not an acronym] (formerly Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe; EU)
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The INOGATE Program's Partner Countries are the followings: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and Russian Federation (as an observer).
With the main aim of stronger presence within the region, the EU has initiated several collaboration platforms: The Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus Asia (TRACECA) in 1993, The Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe (INOGATE) in 1995, the Energy Charter Treaty in 1997 and The Baku Initiative in 2004.
The main progress for this flagship initiative was on continuing the INOGATE programme and extending the 'Covenant of Mayors' initiative for better energy efficiency at municipal level to cover cities in eastern partner countries.
(6) At that time I was vice president for international projects at ENI, and participation in INOGATE projects was one of my responsibilities.
INOGATE is an international energy cooperation program between the European Union, the littoral states of the Black and Caspian seas and their neighboring countries.
"The INOGATE Programme", (
Furthermore, Georgia became a member of Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA) and made use of the international energy co-operation programme between the EU, Turkey and countries of the NIS (INOGATE), which facilitates cooperation in oil and natural gas.
(32) Turkiye ayrica, eski SSCB ulkelerinin enerji kaynaklarinin AB'ye tasmmasi kapsaminda gundeme gelen INOGATE (Avrupa'ya Devletler Arasi Petrol ve Dogal Gaz Tasimaciligi Programi) programinda da onemli bir rol oynamaktadir.
PEOP provides a vital infrastructure link along the East-West energy corridor promoted by the European Union's INOGATE Program.
A main topic at the summit was the Odessa-Brody-Plock-Gdansk oil pipeline project, which receives EU funding of 2 million (under the INOGATE programme).
The Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe (INOGATE) program, established by the EU and other participating countries in 1995, aims at two things: improving the security of Europe's energy supply by promoting the regional integration of oil and gas pipeline systems, and facilitating their transport within the region and towards the export markets of Europe and the West; and at the same time acting as a catalyst for attracting private investors and international financial institutions to these pipeline projects.
The participants also approved to plans to step up the role of the Inogate Technical Secretariat in Kiev and its two regional offices in central Asia (Almaty) and south Caucasus (Tbilisi) while extending its scope of activities to fully cover all energy sub-sectors and priorities of the Baku Initiative.