INOPInnovative Neighborhood-Oriented Policing (various locations)
INOPInstituut voor Nationale Onderwijs Promotie (Dutch: Institute National Education Promotion)
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Last pore (in cephalic direction) of the INOP arranged in parallel row with respect to the SOP ...
Almost four years ago, to begin to understand the differences in communities' policing needs and methods, the United States Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) awarded eight urban and suburban areas with grants to create community policing programs under its Innovative Neighborhood Oriented Policing (INOP) initiative.
All other reports being advisory only, unless the touchdown sensor is inop, in which case the mid-field report can be used.
In the reason for repairable condition block, do not just write INOP. That says nada to the support folks, leaving them scratching their heads and kicking your unrepaired part right back to you.
Also, the instructor assumed the assigned squawk code for both of us because my transponder was still inop. Because we were already airspeed restricted, he recommended we try to lower the gear and check for proper extension.
Finally, the factory original autopilot has been inop for a while now, and will need to be replaced.
At Dallas Love Field with the MALSR approach lighting system (ALS) inop, for example, there are no chart notes discussing inoperative equipment so we use the inoperative table.
If your glideslope is inop, identifying OBOVE by shooting the 264-degree cross radial off the Sugarloaf Mountain Vortac means you'll need dual working VOR receivers.
The blow wreaked havoc on everything, rendering their electronics inop, and knocking over and injuring several crewmembers.
The word INOP written in the remarks column on the green tag, DD Form 1577-2, lets them know that the item is not working but it gives no clues to what's wrong with the item.
This time, after I sent it to Telex, it was returned to me with a short "INOP OBSOLETE" and words to the effect that "we no longer repair these headsets." Now pardon me, but I've sent Peltor and LightSPEED headsets back for repair and have always gotten an excellent repair for a reasonable price.