INOWInteroperability Now! (IXTC, Lucent, VocalTech, Ascend, Cisco, Clarent, Dialogic, Siemens)
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According to an AKD report issued on December 18 net FPI outflow of US$19 million December'14TD has seen a net outflow of US$53 million lowering the CYTD net inow to US$381 million.
Even when Freedom Summer started, innocent folk were beaten and attacked in the streets and attacked in the streets Inow walk on.
INow his US version of The X Factor has folded, the pop svengali has come home for the 11th series of the programme which turned the likes of Leona Lewis, Olly Murs and One Direction into stars.
INow in its 4th year, the "Heart of London Bridges Walk", has raised a total of almost pounds 200,000.
In order to encourage vendors to become interoperable, ITXC and VocalTec were two of the founders of the iNOW! initiative which developed the iNOW!
The Intel Internet telephony software is compliant with iNOW!, an Internet telephony interoperability standard developed by IMTC.
The recommendations extend the existing iNOW! profile for IP-telephony interoperability, providing immediate connectivity to existing telephones for a new class of users and devices.
Ridgeway Systems & Software has joined the iNOW! interoperability initiative, a programme established to provide interoperability between Internet protocol telephony platforms.
Franklin Telecom has announced that it now supports the iNOW!Interoperability Profile developed by Lucent, ITXC and VocalTec to provide interoperability amongst products in the Voice over IP market.
ImaginOn recently completed the acquisition of San Francisco- based internet service provider Inow from Network Specialists Inc.
INow the Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay has been transformed into a boutique hotel - called the Exchange - which opened in 2017 and, just a few weeks ago, it launched its brand new restaurant, RP Culley & Co.