INOWInteroperability Now! (IXTC, Lucent, VocalTech, Ascend, Cisco, Clarent, Dialogic, Siemens)
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INOW Is Working With the San Francisco School District to Provide
According to ImaginOn's Vice President of Network Operations Abe Matar, INOW was recently approved by Lucent Technologies, Inc.
Now that we have succeeded in building an initial base of high bandwidth DSL customers, INOW is expanding the range of products we offer our customers," explained Matar.
The first new offering by INOW is the Lucent Technologies Orinoco product line.
Equally important to INOW's long-term business development strategy is the fact that the Orinoco product line enables INOW to provide high-speed wireless Internet access in areas that cannot get DSL service.
7% on a like for like basis due to positive inows from new residential and repair markets and exchange rate movements.