INPAInstituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (Portuguese: National Institute for Amazon Research, Brazil)
INPAIndiana News Photographers Association
INPAInterchangeable Numbering Plan Area
INPAIndian Naval Placement Agency (New Delhi, India)
INPAIndustria Nazionale Prodotti Alimentari (Italian: National Food Industry Products)
INPAInternational Newspaper Promotion Association
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The construction will proceed with sufficient care for the environment, after INPA confirms the absence of rare species in advance through investigations of the neighboring natural environment and permission is granted by government-affiliated agencies.
The net assets of INPA and Paema at 30 September 2015 were EUR 30m and EUR 6m respectively.
La Universidad Nacional de Colombia financio la visita al herbario INPA (Manaos, Brasil).
40 (*) Specimens measured identification: #1 - INBio INB0003875608; #2 - INPA INB0003981238, #3 - INPA; #4 - INPA CRI000259352; #5 - MEFLG; #6 - INBio CRI000091635;#7 - INBio CRI000054488 and #8 - INPA CRI000235476.
Para as 12 caracteristicas morfologicas estudadas foi possivel observar indice de similaridade de 100% entre o isolado INPA R851 e BR 10026, e o INPA R927 e as estirpes referencia BR 10016 e BR 112, encontrados no grupo 2.
A identificacao taxonomica, apos a coleta do material reprodutivo e/ou vegetativo das arvores, foram feitas atraves de chaves de identificacao e por comparacao com material do herbario do INPA.
Inpa AB has received a framework contract for cleaning products from the municipality of Ystad in Sweden.
The more likely outcome, INPA fears, is that 42 percent of the Amazon will be destroyed, Leaving only 4.
The germination rate of nonflooded seeds was 85% in an experiment performed at INPA / Manaus, compared with 0% in submerged seeds (Parolin, 2001).
Seeing a scientific opportunity, INPA scientists asked the ranchers to leave isolated strips of forest around their land.