INPFCInternational North Pacific Fisheries Commission
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International North Pacific Fisheries Commission, (INPFC), Statistical Yearbook, INPFC, Vancouver, B.C., annual series, 1952-1990.
research cruise was conducted in 1954, but biologists joined the Deep Sea during king crab commercial trawling operations in the Bering Sea and tagged 1,108 male king crab on the carapace or legs with Peterson disc tags affixed with nickel pins (INPFC, 1956).
Summaries of findings from these cruises were published in INPFC annual reports, and findings from specific experiments conducted during these trawl surveys were published in journal articles, but the trawl survey results were never published.
Landings for the Columbia INPFC area were far greater than the other INPFC areas for most of the 1981-2004 time period, comprising a total of 65.5% of all commercially landed sand sole.
A few observers were placed on foreign vessels as part of a joint program by IPHC, NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), and INPFC to obtain better information on the magnitude of the halibut bycatch (Hoag and French, 1976), but coverage was limited.
The lack of any significant differences in mean length for longspine thornyheads between INPFC areas indicates that the higher rates of misidentification of sex farther north were not a function of size, but were related to the timing of the annual spawning cycle at differing latitudes.
Status of bocaccio in the Conception/Monterey/ Eureka INPFC areas in 1996 and recommendations for management in 1997.
Other chapters review and discuss INPFC research and statistical programs, appraise the INPFC contributions, and assess the future of North Pacific fisheries.
Based on a swept-area bottom trawl survey of demersal rockfish, Gunderson and Sample (1980) estimated there were 24,000 metric tons (t) of shortbelly rockfish in the Monterey International North Pacific Fishery Commission (INPFC) area (35[degrees]30'N-40[degrees]30'N).
portion of the "Vancouver" fishery management areas, as specified by the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission (INPFC) (Fig.
We compared growth, maturation, and length-weight curves of Dover sole within the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission (INPFC) statistical areas of Monterey, Eureka, Columbia, and Vancouver.