INPOInstitute of Nuclear Power Operations
INPOIn No Particular Order
INPOInternational Network of Permafrost Observatories
INPOInstitute of Nuclear Plant Operators (industry oversight group)
INPOInformation Network Program Office
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at 874 (illustrating the district judge's preference to have INPO reports furnished voluntarily under circumstances more conducive to candor, accuracy, and timeliness).
In Japan itself, Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan have recently established the Japan Nuclear Safety Institute ("JANSI"), which is intended to provide evaluation and support to nuclear operators along the lines of the INPO model.
In the first instance, INPO led the development of guidance documents summarizing current industry information to assist utilities in improving fuel integrity and performance.
27) The district judge reasoned that it was possible for the government to require that the records be submitted, but that it was "preferable to have the INPO reports furnished to the NRC voluntarily, rather than delivered up under compulsion in circumstances less conducive to candor, accuracy, and timeliness.
The study further addresses the topic performance by identifying different forms of control aimed at improving the performance of an INPO and their interrelationships.
INPO created its own inspection process after careful study.
The report is an addendum to a 2011 INPO report describing what happened during the event.
The dig at INPO (Institute of Nuclear Plant Owners), was based upon the industry-wide trend by most nuclear plants to strive to conform to the INPO performance indices rather than to use their data more effectively.
Based in Atlanta, INPO is a voluntary self-regulatory organization funded by the 55 utilities that use nuclear energy to make electricity.
INPO is an independent, nonprofit organization that plays a critical role in ensuring the safe and reliable operations of the nation's nuclear fleet.