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INPRISEIntegrating the Enterprise
INPRISEInternet Enterprise
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The company acquired minority stakes in its competitors Apple, Inprise and Corel, helping them financially in return for strategic subordination.
Inprise/Borland is working closely with Intel to ensure that JBuilder, Inprise Application Server, VisiBroker for Java and JDataStore are optimized for the Itanium processor and are running on the Java 2 v1.3 runtime provided by IBM for Microsoft Windows 2000 64-bit operating system or Red Hat 64-bit Linux for the Itanium processor.
Examples of application servers are NetDynamics, Lotus Domino Server, Oracle 8i Java Server, Sybase's Jaguar CTS, and Inprise's VisiBroker for Java.
Inprise Corporation is a provider of software and services that simplify the complexity of application development.
Rudov, Inprise vice president of enterprise marketing, said: "Because of its unmatched levels of security and reliability, the mainframe remains a cornerstone of enterprise computing -- despite the growth of client/server and Internet computing.
CREATE PURE JAVA business and database applications for the enterprise with Borland JBuilder 2 from Inprise Corp.
In our plan, ESP would be developed using Delphi (Inprise), a powerful object-oriented software development tool that uses the Pascal language and a graphical user interface.
Inprise Corp has launched version 4.5 of its Borland AppServer application server product.
$1,785 69.7% RealNetworks RNWK $131,242 $26,466 20.2% $6,579 75.1% Omnis Technology OMNS $6,210 $1,212 19.5% $ 277 77.1% Phoenix PTEC $125,826 $22,500 17.9% $18,344 18.5% Allaire ALLR $55,163 $9,608 17.4% $7,480 22.1% Media 100 MDEA $51,479 $8,855 17.2% n/a n/a Novell NOVL $1,272,820 $180,710 14.2% n/a n/a Inprise INPR $174,806 $24,256 13.9% $22,676 6.5% White Pine WPNE $12,002 $1,287
Based on open industry standards, Inprise Application Server provides a foundation for customers to deploy industrial-strength Internet applications with support for Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) and CORBA technology.
The Developer Kit will enable Borland(R) JBuilder, Inprise Application Server and VisiBroker(R) customers to build, deploy and manage enterprise applications for the Linux, Solaris(R) and Windows operating systems (OS), using the latest Java(R) technology.