INPWInstall Network Printer Wizard (HP)
INPWIllinois Number Portability Workshop (Telcordia)
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mwt nbt pt t[??]wy hnsw nfr htp (mnw) gbtyw nb pt ([??]st) (dhwty) nb hmn(w) (m[??][??]t) nbt imnt(t) (ht-hr) (wsir) wnn nfr(w) ntr hnt imntt hr-[??]hty (inpw) imy-wt ht-hr (inpw) hnt sh-ntr (nbt-hyt)
The full name of this entire domain was w3h-swt [h.sup.C] -k3w-[r.sup.C] [m3.sup.c]-hrw m 3bdw "enduring are the places of Khakaure, true-of-voice, in Abydos." Next we are given descriptions of the royal tomb enclosure, the name of which was dw inpw "the Mountain of Anubis," and the cult building of Senwosret III, called nfr-k3 "beautiful/perfect is the ka," with the last term referring to the royal ka.