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Figure 8 shows sea-level projections for the Maldives by the IPCC and INQUA. (28) In Figure 8 the left vertical axis represents projected sea-level rises in meters while the bottom horizontal axis is divided into three columns.
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* The article is based on a contribution presented at the "Field Symposium on Human Impact and Geological Heritage" of the Peribaltic Group (INQUA Commission on Glaciation) and the "Friends of Baltic Quaternary" held in May 2003 in Tallinn, Estonia.
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Network), la Fundacion Internacional para la Ciencia (IFS), la Union Internacional para la Investigacion del Cuaternario (INQUA), la Union Internacional de Historia y Filosofia de la Ciencia.(IUHPS), el Consejo Internacional de Ciencia (ICS), La Red global de Academias de Ciencias (IAP), la Red Interamericana de Academias de Ciencias (IANAS), desde el 11 de agosto de 2012 ejerce la Presidencia de la Comunidad Cientifica del Caribe (CCC) y mantiene estrechas relaciones con la Academia de Ciencias para el Mundo en Desarrollo (TWAS).
Paper presented to XVII INQUA Congress, Cairns, 28 July-3 August 2007.