INRAPInstitut National de Recherches Archéologiques Préventives (French: National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research; France)
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As the museum's chief curator, Dominique Darde, explains: 'Preventive archaeology is extremely dynamic in Nimes, with well-appointed teams--principally that of Inrap. There will certainly be more discoveries in the years to come.
** Ingenieur de recherches CNRS del Laboratoire TRACES-UMR 5608, CNRS-Universite de Toulouse II-Le Mirail et INRAP. Maison de la Recherche.
Summary: Organized by the Sidi Thabet technological park in collaboration with the National Institute of Research and Physical and Chemical Analysis ((INRAP), Hammamet is hosting from December 3 to 4, 2009, the first international symposium on "Bioactive substances".
Beneath that came the remains of a Paleo-Christian church dating from the 4th or 5th century AD, said Francois Souq, director for the Mediterranean region at the National Institute for Preventive Research (INRAP) in the southern French city of Nimes.
On the screen, L'autoroute a remonter le temps documents INRAP's 1400 hectares of archaeological interventions in advance of building the A19 motorway between Orleans and Montargis to the west of Paris in 2006-7.
Entamees en 2013 par un groupement constitue du CNRA et de l'Institut national des recherches archeologiques preventives (Inrap, France), ces fouilles ont mis au jour des vestiges archeologiques, qui remontent au IIe siecle pour les plus anciens.
"In Oman, two cyclones, Gonu un 2007 and Phet last year, totally buried in sand sites that date back to the fifth and sixth millennia BC," said Vincent Charpentier, of the INRAP archaeological research center.