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INRMIntegrated Natural Resource Management
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The DEMATEL method is utilized to probe into the problems of interdependent criteria for establishing the INRM [14,15].
Finally, the fifth step builds the influential network relation map (INRM).
[3] CGIAR Inter-Center Working Group on INRM (2000).
Gosain, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, and Sandhya Rao, INRM Consultants, are the principal trainers.
"We are now using problem-driven delivery, rather than solution-driven delivery," explains Castella, citing a key principle of an emerging framework--called ecoregional integrated natural resource management (INRM)--for tackling agricultural challenges.
Finally, the HMCDM method systemizes the quantitative results in the context of influential network relation maps (INRM).
The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support of ICARDA (INRM project) and the support of Ghent University (Belgium).
The Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) technique is an effective tool to find the interrelationship matrix and building an influential network relation map (INRM) for solving relationship problems in the real world.
Ecoregional integrated natural resource management (INRM) can be even more difficult to comprehend than it is to say.