INRMPIntegrated Natural Resource Management Plan
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In 2005, to provide a road map for future INRMP implementation, DoD endorsed a "Cooperative Plan for Using INRMPs at Active Military Installations and Ranges to Sustain Readiness.
In addition to the training courses and workshops implemented under the INRMP Strategic Action Plan, DoD is providing its resource managers with a wide range of management tools.
a workshop, held in May 2006, to determine how to integrate INRMPs and State Wildlife Action Plans.
The present investigation provides valuable data that will be used by FTC personnel in furtherance of the INRMP goals noted above.
These INRMPs were intended to coordinate competing land use requirements.
installation prepare an INRMP, (61) and that the FWS concurrence in the
The required scope of the INRMP is far more comprehensive than
shall not be designated on DoD lands that are subject to an INRMP, if
As a component of INRMPs, the Army actively promotes the recovery of 188 listed species found on 102 installations (fiscal year 2005 data), and it has put tremendous effort into preventing the need to list identified species-at-risk.
Many INRMPs also contain management strategies to benefit, and minimize operational impacts on, migratory birds.
They have agreed to meet annually near Eglin Air Force Base Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Avon Park Air Force Range to assess INRMP implementation and compliance with the Sikes Act, and to discuss integration of State Wildlife Action Plans and INRMPs.
The INRMP Handbook will help DoD managers develop and implement their management plans, while the Joint Stewardship Handbook will help them work with managers from the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture to manage the DoD's withdrawn and special-use lands.