INRMPIntegrated Natural Resource Management Plan
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(1.) For collaboration requirements and plans, see US Department of Defense, Resources for INRMP Implementation: A Handbook for the DoD Natural Resources Manager (Washington, DC: Legacy Resource Management Program, 2005), http://www _September2005_highres.pdf.
670, Sikes Act, /esa-library/pdf/2004SikesAct%20NMFWA.pdf, INRMPs are prepared according to Air Force Instruction 32-7064, Integrated Natural Resources Management, 17 September 2004, http://www.e-publishing
In 2005, to provide a road map for future INRMP implementation, DoD endorsed a "Cooperative Plan for Using INRMPs at Active Military Installations and Ranges to Sustain Readiness." The plan identified a set of activities, including:
Goals of the FTC INRMP (Fort Campbell, 2003) include maintaining healthy ecosystems and restoring degraded ecosystems to their historic functions and values.
installation prepare an INRMP, (61) and that the FWS concurrence in the
Amendments to the Sikes Act have expanded its authority to develop ecosystem-based integrated natural resources management plans (INRMPs).
In May 2006, the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment), with support from the DoD Legacy Resource Management Program, convened a State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) and INRMP Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia.
Because Fort Huachuca has an approved Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP), it is exempt by law from the requirement to designate critical habitat for the owl.
The INRMP Handbook will help DoD managers develop and implement their management plans, while the Joint Stewardship Handbook will help them work with managers from the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture to manage the DoD's withdrawn and special-use lands.
Many of the Navy's conservation successes stem from using ecosystem principles as the foundation of its Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans (INRMPs).
* a template that will provide consistency to all new and revised INRMPs; n a course, tested in November 2005, to assist all tripartite stakeholders in the cooperative development and implementation of INRMPs; and