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INROIntramural NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) Research Opportunities
INROInternational Natural Rubber Organisation
INROInternational Naval Research Organization
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Netsuke (the Japanese characters net and suke mean "root" and "to attach", is pronounced "netski") are small carved button-like toggles, that secure the inro cord to the sash.
"Warehouses are becoming increasingly automated and forklifts are no exception," said Mark Templeton, CEO of INRO. "So far our customers have had to choose between retaining manually operated forklifts or implementing automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) which lack flexibility.
Mr Wrangham's collection of 18-19th century inro proved particularly popular with bidders worldwide.
Since August 1993 Ben Immers holds a position as Senior Advisor and Research Fellow at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO Inro).
Non-naturalized are: daimio, dairi, inro, itzebu, kago, k'ai shu, kanji, kirin, kobang, Rinzai, sennin, seppuku, shaku, shakudo, shippo, soroban, soshi.
MORE than 20,000 people are expected to flood inro Birmingham's Cannon Hill Park next Sunday for the city's Victory Fireworks Fantasia concert.
(A wealthy man, Franks also left to the museum his collection of chinaware, netsuke, inro, bookplates, and jewelry.)
Following the dissolution of the International Natural Rubber Organisation (INRO) on August 31, 2001, dialogue between natural rubber exporters and importers has led to the strengthening of the IRSG.
The engraved netsuke was important to the aristocratic classes and samurai, as it became the fashion for them to carry tiny, decorated boxes (inro) which contained medicine or one's seal (han) and a red ink pad.
Second, they should reinstitute their lines of communication by INRO without the stockpile.
After weeks of searching, rescuers were about to give up when the group-exhausted and frostbitten, but alive--walked inro a local store.
In October 1999, the International Natural Rubber Organization (INRO) was dissolved and its buffer stock of natural rubber had to be disposed of immediately, but the delay in the release of the stock caused a negative impact on the price of that commodity in the world market until 2000.