INRSin Routing Server
INRSInstitut National de la Recherché Scientifique
INRSInstitut National de la Recherche et de la Sécurité (French National Research and Safety Institute)
INRSIt's Not Rocket Science (slang and also a web site)
INRSInnovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC (est. 1994; Antrim, NH)
INRSInclusive Namespace Registry System
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"These are really exciting results," says study coauthor Eric Deziel, a professor of microbiology at INRS, who goes on to explain: "The activity is generated by molecules called proanthocyanidins.
This may be related to a number of factors including the availability of local electronic guidelines on the management of supratherapeutic INRs for clinicians and the presence of clinical pharmacists in the emergency department (Cohen et al 2009).
CNBE, located on the INRS Research University campus in Laval, QuAaAaAeA@be Canada, offers high standard preclinical research services to the scientific community and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
The goal of warfarin therapy is to provide an adequate, but not excessive, anticoagulant effect (which is determined by measuring the INR at least once every 4 weeks).
INRs were not recorded in 61 patients, who were excluded from the analysis (Table 2).
The study included patients age 18 or older who were admitted to the ED with elevated INRs, either with or without bleeding and who had one or more indications for FFP treatment, which were defined as major bleeding and an elevated INR, minor bleeding that had been unstoppable despite appropriate intervention and an elevated INR, and highly elevated INR (>20) with or without any other complaints.
But great to see INRS obeying the first two sacred rules of television.
Tools studied in the articles selected for review included the Non-Communicating Children's Pain Checklist (NCCPC), NCCPC-Postoperative Version (NCCPC-PV), Faces Legs Activity Cry Consolability (FLACC), Revised FLACC (rFLACC), Pediatric Pain Profile (PPP), and Individualized Numeric Rating Scale (INRS).
It concerns the granting of the initial negotiating rights (INRs) concerning some agricultural and non-agricultural products with tariff cuts and periods of convergence after the accession to the WTO.
Finally, an international initiative undertaken by Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) professor Federico Rosei could boost energy production in the developing world without adding to the global problem of fossil fuel emissions.
Among the more common, and more important, decisions that clinicians make on the basis of laboratory test results are those related to achieving therapeutic international normalized ratios (INRs) in the management of oral anticoagulants (specifically, vitamin K antagonists such as warfarin).