INRSin Routing Server
INRSInstitut National de la Recherché Scientifique
INRSInstitut National de la Recherche et de la Sécurité (French National Research and Safety Institute)
INRSIt's Not Rocket Science (slang and also a web site)
INRSInnovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC (est. 1994; Antrim, NH)
INRSInclusive Namespace Registry System
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In 2012, INRS acquired the LBE, a platform for the development and pilot-testing of bioprocesses, the latter step being essential in analyzing the cost-effectiveness of clean tech innovations.
The funding granted through CEDs Quebec Economic Development Program (QEDP) will help INRS add resources for a commercial deployment project for the environmental technologies it has developed.
That is why we support technological development partners like INRS.
Conditions for opening tenders Date: 05/10/2017 Local time: 09:00 Square: INRS Center of Lorraine 1 rue du Morvan, 54519 Vanduvre Cedex.
The detailed plans of the critical parts have been sent to the specialized suppliers in mid-june and the bulk of the parts have been ordered and are being received daily by the INRS team charged with final assembly and commissionning.
Pro-Or and its construction partners : INRS, Phytronics Technologies and Johnston-Vermette do not foresee any assembly and operational challenges and are confident in the success of the semi-industrial trials of these two chromite enrichment and PGE recuperation technologies.
Contract notice: Renewal and maintenance of photocopiers park INRS, Paris site.