INSARRIntegrated Safety Assessment of Research Reactors
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The IAEA team performed on-site observations of the reactor systems and structures, reviewed reactor documents and held technical discussions with the management and staff to assess safety improvements implemented at the reactor facilities since the last INSARR review in 2015.
In its assessment, the IAEA peer review team noted the implementation of the recommendations from the 2015 INSARR review on reactor safety analysis, management system, training and qualification of personnel, commissioning of the reactor with the new fuel and seismic safety, Kennedy said.
An IAEA INSARR mission is conducted at the request of a Member State.
The team also noted a high level of the implementation of the recommendations of the previous IAEA INSARR mission conducted in 2011, which included follow-up actions to the relevant lessons learned from the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.
The IAEA INSARR mission is a peer review of the safety of research reactors that is conducted on the basis of the IAEA Safety Standards.