INSASIndian National Small Arms System
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INSAS, an abbreviation of Indian Small Arms System, is a family of infantry arms consisting of an assault rifle and a light machine gun (LMG).
" The INSAS is widely used by troopers deployed for crucial operations but the rifle has not been giving the best results," officials said.
From now on, the PCR in- charge will be also armed with MP5/ Insas rifle besides the driver carrying a Glock pistol.
One INSAS rifle, two .303 rifles and one .315 rifle were recovered from the encounter site.
The most visible sight of a foot soldier carrying the home- made INSAS -- slammed for being a poor copy of the Kalashnikov -- as standard weapon will fade away in the coming years.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Mar 9 (ANI): The made in India AK-203 assault rifle has much better performance parameters than the INSAS rifles and will significantly enhance combat capabilities of Indian soldiers in counter-terrorist and conventional operations, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Saturday.
( They) lost 42 INSAS rifles, 17 AK- 47s, six INSAS light machine guns, seven self- loading rifles, two mortars and a carbine," the MHA statement added.