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INSCAPEInhabited Spaces for Community, Academy, Polity and Economy
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605 is now one of the few within the industry to capture and measure both set-top-box data--boasting one of the industry's largest matchable television datasets--together with other sources of TV viewership data, such as over the air (OTA) and basic over-the-top (OTT) viewing data from Inscape's more than 10.5 million smart TVs.
Media Analytics' cloud-based platform leverages a proprietary real time TV Tracker ad curation and detection technology and combines it with Inscape's connected-TV data platform to produce a comprehensive look into viewing behaviors on connected TV screens.
It also correlates to the conscientiousness factor of the Big Five (Inscape Publishing, 1996 and 2001).
If we are to feed 11 billion, he says, we must also change the way we think by transforming our "inscapes." That's because he believes so much of what is unsustainable about current human activity stems from an incorrect but prevailing mental paradigm that equates consumption with happiness.
As Hopkins writes in his journal about an ash tree cut down in his garden, "I heard the sound and looking out and seeing it maimed there came at that moment a great pang and I wished to die and not see the inscapes of the world destroyed any more." As I watched the mantas soaring in the "dapple-dawn-drawn" water at 7:30 a.m., I could hear--in the recesses of my mind--a ray slapping its fins on a fiberglass deck, a club bashing the brain and head fins, then a machete slicing off its wings.
Poetry is in fact speech only employed to carry the inscape of speech for the inscape's sake--and therefore the inscape must be dwelt on.
"Being and the World" deals largely with Hopkins' philosophical orientation, including a section on those two vexing Hopkins neologisms, "inscape" and "instress" along with sections entitled "Between Epistemology and Ontology" and "Contemplation and Being" among others.
In this accessible guide for those in business, organizational development consultants affiliated with the Inscape consultancy offer an original leadership framework based on Inscape's Work of Leaders leadership development program.
Ramos is an interior architecture student at Inscape Design College in Pretoria.
Inscape House School, which is part of the charity the Together Trust, is hosting a practical workshop for parents and carers of children with autism spectrum conditions who have sleep problems.
In an essay that draws on the critical insights of Jacques Maritain, Theresa DiPasquale, and Kathleen Norris, McInerney relates the poetry of Jennings and Murray to an "'incarnational' tradition in modern poetry that stretches back to Hopkins." In the poetry of Jennings, McInerney encounters a homely, circumscribed world of pain and consolation centered on the poet's attention to the presence of a sacramental patterning or "inscape" within the natural world.
Baldwin says of the exhibition's title: 'I often use the term inscape as opposed to landscape, and they are objects from my inscape.' Preparations for this show have dogged him for two years now, and his studio in the vaulted brick cellars and former kitchens of his present house is crowded with pieces in preparation.