INSCRIntegrated Network for Societal Conflict Research
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In Figure 12, OUTSCR and INSCR of CUT have a positive correlation.
Vajracharya has indicated in his explanation of inscr. 133 and 134, has to have been Shivadeva I, who ruled around 590-604, almost a century earlier than Shivadeva II.
Since the last INSCR report was published, the GOB has made a concerted effort to be more open and transparent.
According to the State Department's International Narcotics Strategy Report (INSCR), the most recent of which was issued March 3, 2011, several governments, over the past few years Iran has augmented security on its border with Afghanistan in part to prevent the flow of narcotics from that country into Iran.
1 (Drachmann 1.15-16, inscr. a) record that Hieron won at Olympia in 476 (Ol.
See also the Integrated Network for Societal Conflict Research (INSCR) program website, and the State Failure dataset within it <>.] Moreover, kinship ties often exceed interstate borders and fuel international conflict, so the behavior of politically active ethnic actors, especially their transnational activity, frequently initiates tensions among states focused on ethnic issues.
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Integrated Network for Societal Conflict Research (INSCR), Center for International Development, and Conflict Management (CIDCM), University of Maryland, College Park,MD, USA
Also three harbour groups, one inscr. 'Fishmarket Galway, 17 and Connemara Turf Boat' Portfolio 40: one group 'Galway August 17th', Portfolio 41, and another 'Galway; August 17', Portfolio 39.
(48.) See, e.g., ILS (II.i) 5186 (offering a pantomime even the title of augur), 5193, 5194, 5195; Inscr. Magn.