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INSETIn-Service Education and Training
INSETIntegrated National Security Enforcement Team (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
INSETInstitut National Supérieur de l'Enseignement Technique (Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast)
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From the denim, cut two upper panels, two upper-knee insets, two lower-knee insets, two lower panels and the remaining pieces according to the pattern instructions.
Avlite's LED Omnidirectional Inset heliport light is available in Solar, universal AC or DC power configurations.
Schools inspectorate Estyn found too few schools were developing pupils' communication, numeracy and thinking skills although it was aware that 11-14-year-old pupils needed to develop generic skills Last year the minister told schools to schedule the extra two inseT days during the summer term and said they would be cut if teaching time was lost to bad weather.
Before the inset day was conceived by Tory Education Minister Kenneth Baker in the 1980s Thatcher government, one wonders how teachers coped.
The conclusion addresses three additional inset forms: paradramatic scenes, informal playlets, and trial scenes, each manifesting Massinger's extensive view regarding the importance of onstage spectatorship.
The selection of fresh herbs, inset above, made a vivid impression when the restaurant first opened.
Even at those airports where it does make sense to replace elevated edge lighting by inset lights (in high snowfall areas), the better option is to use two separate low protrusion inset lights.
They all possess the inset grill of the now familiar Korean barbecue restaurants.
Inset is a spectrogram of his-and-her contributions.
The Swedish agency brokerage NeoNet AB announced on Tuesday (19 October) a joint endeavour with the Swiss-based SIS SegaInterSettle for launching an integrated cross-border trading and settlement solution, INSET Access.
An inset selection of black-and-white photographic plates complements the involving prose.
Turning the corner, the face of the building is revealed; two animated eyes, an inset nose, and a low glazed grin.