INSIGIran National Steel Industrial Group
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The low cholesterol level causes release of Insig and allows the SCAP/SREBP to enter the COPII coated vesicle.
Six weeks after the drug treatment of the Apo[E.sup.-/-] mice fed with a high-fat diet, the mRNA expressions of Insig, PAQR3, SCAP, and SREBP in the aorta, liver, and adipose tissue of the TMP group mice were significantly decreased as compared to the control group (P < 0.01), with no significant difference between the two drug-treatment groups (P > 0.05) (Figure 4).
Companies such as Albsig, Insig, Sigal, Kolegi, Wilson, Rozafa, hotel Radika, Skopje City Mall are only few of the businesses with Albanian owners and they are present on the Macedonia market, opening new jobs.
Albania plans to sell up to 100% in its insurer INSIG in an international auction after four previous attempts to privatise it in the last decade have failed.
The Savings and Insurance institute was split up by law No7506 (July 31, 1991) in two different institutions: Savings Bank and Insurance Institute named also INSIG. INSIG was the first Albanian insurance company created as a commercial enterprise and acted in compliance with market economy rules.
Market share of total stipulated premium QBE 19% Vardar 21% Euroins 6% SavaTabak 16% Sigma 4% Eurolink 9% Insig 3% Sigal 5% Insurance Policy 9% Albsig 5% Croatia 1% Grawe 2% Note: Table made from pie chart.
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When the intracellular cholesterol concentration decreases, the SREBP/SCAP complex moves to Golgi apparatus, leaving INSIG. Two proteases localized in Golgi, site-1 and -2 proteases (S1P and S2P), then cleave SREBP to release the transcription activation domain of SREBP.
"Poesie staan blou in die blom." Insig (January/ February): 76-7.