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The theatre gives you a good deal of insight, and as I told you in my last, I go a good deal to places of amusement.
I don't want to think I have been all this while without having gained an insight .
I had shunned my father more than any one since our return home, for the radical antipathy between our natures made my insight into his inner self a constant affliction to me.
I always shrank from the sight of a new person, and all the more when it was a person whose mental life was likely to weary my reluctant insight with worldly ignorant trivialities.
My insight into the minds of those around me was becoming dimmer and more fitful, and the ideas that crowded my double consciousness became less and less dependent on any personal contact.
With a certain amount of insight she drew her young cousin affectionately to her.
Charlotte alone she was sure of--Charlotte, whose exterior concealed so much insight and love.
I may also add that each of the four stories on their appearance in book form was picked out on various grounds as the "best of the lot" by different critics, who reviewed the volume with a warmth of appreciation and understanding, a sympathetic insight and a friendliness of expression for which I cannot be sufficiently grateful.
Lydgate was fuming a little, pushed his hair back with one hand, felt curiously in his waistcoat-pocket with the other, and then stooped to beckon the tiny black spaniel, which had the insight to decline his hollow caresses.
She had an exquisite tact and insight in relation to all points of manners; but the people she lived among were blunderers and busybodies.
No, I am not; but love gives insight, Maggie, and insight often gives foreboding.
Perhaps you have read him without insight, Barbara?