INSINCInteractive Netcasting Systems Inc.
INSINCIncentives for Singapore's Commuters (study)
INSINCINS Integrated Network (US Department of Homeland Security)
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Grafico 1--Valores relativos do andar Teste do Qui-Quadrado: Particao masculino feminino PsVs 83.3% 69.3% (0,00) mas EPAP 0.0% 2.5% (0,01) PsVs + InsInc 8.3% 12.8% (0,01) PsVs + CPAP 8.3% 0.0% (0,01) PsVs + selo 0.0% 15.4% (0,00) Padroes ventilatorios (PsVs = exercicios respiratorios), mascara de Pressao positiva expiratoriana via aerea (EPAP), Inspirometro de incentivo (Insinc), Pressao positiva continua na via aerea (CPAP), Selo d'agua (selo).
He also inaugurated an e-commerce subsidiary (Insinc USA) to diversify the association's business operations and develop new, higher-margin opportunities.
In 1995, IBM United Kingdom, in collaboration with the Community Development Foundation, set up the National Working Party on Social Inclusion in the Information Society (INSINC) to examine the impact of new information technology on local communities and the potential for greater social inclusion within the information society.