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INSIPIDInadequate Sensitivity Improvement by Proton Indirect Detection
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The news that "Bony" was come back from Egypt was comparatively insipid, and the repulse of the French in Italy was nothing to Mrs.
If I must give my opinion, I have always thought it the most insipid play in the English language.
Another of a yellow color, and of the size and taste of the large red currant, the bush four or five feet high; and the third a beautiful scarlet, resembling the strawberry in sweetness, though rather insipid, and growing on a low bush.
Yet this is the being from whose conversation you think, I suppose, that I have been unfortunately restrained, and without whose blessed society, life, in your opinion, must be tedious and insipid.
And that insipid, paltry creature attending her from DUTY and HUMANITY
From this moment, music, lights, flowers, beauties, all became odious and insipid to Louis XIV.
Or is it that you like its bitter flavor--that the clear, limpid water is insipid to your palate and that the pollution of its after-course gives it a relish to your lips?
A musical phrase which is very insipid and very bald for indifferent listeners, when it is not ornamented with some
Nelson [New Zealand], December 29 ( ANI ): The West Indies produced an insipid batting show against New Zealand to hand the hosts a 47-run win in the first of the three T20I matches, here at the Saxton Oval in Nelson on Friday.
Daryl Murphy was bundled to the ground following a challenge from Christopher Samba but Whitehead's insipid spotkick was easily kept out by Brad Friedel.
At Bolton our performance was insipid but against Middlesbrough we got into their faces and it paid off," said McLeish after a Stewart Downing own goal, a Mikael Forssell strike and Gary McSheffrey's late penalty had clinched three welcome points.
The style and organization of Gordon's book is exemplary because it is astute without being academic, popular without being insipid, and practical without being Philistine.