INSMETInstituto de Meteorología de Cuba (Spanish: Cuban Meteorological Institute)
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GOAC ( is part of INSMET (Antuna-Marrero et al.
Here, Alan Robock (then at the University of Maryland) met Juan Carlos Antuna-Marrero (research scientist at INSMET).
A second thread of this story begins in July 2003 when Oswaldo Garcia, professor of Meteorology, then chair of the Geosciences Department, now the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences, at San Francisco State University (SFSU), met Mayra Santana, then working for INSMET, at the Sixth International Conference on School and Popular Meteorological and Oceanographic Education that was held in Madrid, Spain.
During meetings with SOMETCUBA and INSMET, the delegation discussed several potential joint research projects with their Cuban hosts (Figs.
Rick Anthes invited Tomas Gutierrez (INSMET Director) and collaborators to write a paper for the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS), focused on the present state of meteorology in Cuba.
In a completely independent event, two weeks before the UCAR-SFSU visit to Havana, Robock had visited Camaguey on 11-14 March 2007 to discuss continued collaboration with Antuna-Marrero and also visited Havana and INSMET. During his visit, Robock made Antuna-Marrero aware of UCAR's upcoming visit to Cuba to explore scientific cooperation, and a few months later, during August 2007, Antuna-Marrero wrote to Anthes expressing his interest in establishing cooperation and setting up the preliminary basis for future contacts.
Despite not having Garcia as a translator, Anthes had further discussions with INSMET about putting a ground-based GPS receiver at the INSMET weather observatory in Casablanca.
Most of the discussions were on putting a GPS receiver at the INSMET weather station in Camaguey.