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INSOLATIONIncoming Solar Radiation
INSOLATIONIncident Solar Radiation
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The positive correlations between several vegetative measures and measures of both insolation and soil resources suggest a role of resource limitation in some of the phenotypic variation we found (Table 4).
For this reason, the standards setting principles for the designing of houses or its parts are the considerable part devoted to the issue of insolation.
Solar resource has limited power density: Average daily insolation is 3-7 kW*h/[m.
18]O variations in cave calcite that can only reflect changes in monsoonal air masses occur at the same period (23 000 years) as insolation changes at tropical/subtropical latitudes and with the predicted mid-summer phase.
As insolation increases throughout the day, the surface temperature begins to increase as does the temperature of the air in the boundary layer.
In this paper, we confirm the idea that tropical and subtropical monsoons respond dominantly and directly to changes in Northern Hemisphere summer insolation on orbital timescales,' said Cheng.
The reasons for this variation is not entirely clear and because of this result, it may be useful to examine other niche axes, such as degree of insolation or temperature, to explain the coexistence of these species.
Topography, vegetation, human structures and atmospheric conditions affect insolation at the local level.
Daily maximum and minimum air temperature and insolation were available from a standard weather station located within 2 km of the experiment.
The size and location of a star's habitable zone depend on the amount of solar energy, or insolation, a world receives.