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INSRInsulin Receptor
INSRInput Shift Register
INSRIntegrated Nucleus of Sphygmomanometry Research (Brazil)
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The dietary energy density had no effect on the mRNA abundance of InsR, leptin, and PPARy in adipose tissue both prepartum and postpartum (p>0.05; Table 4).
Next generation sequencing (NGS) detected a compound heterozygous mutations of INSR, including one known mutation and one novel 2.43Kb deletion.
We also analyzed expression levels of the insulin receptor (Insr) and Glut2 (Slc2a2) genes since Ding et al.
The notable GWAS studies in Chinese populations have essentially offered several loci mapping to DENND1A, THADA, LHCGR, FSHR, INSR, TOX3, YAP1, RAB5B, c9orf3, HMGA2, and SUMO1P1/ZNF217 involved in steroidogenesis, gonadotropin action and regulation, follicular development, insulin signaling and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), calcium signaling, and endocytosis [147,148].
In this article, a patient with Donohue syndrome who was followed up from the neonatal period because of problems caused by severe insulin resistance and compensatory hyperinsulinism and was found to have compound heterozygous mutation in the INSR gene is presented.
By two GO enrichment analyses, one interesting phenomenon is observed; that is, XYP may have similar effects of procreation endocrine regulation to western medicines by target clinically used therapeutic targets such as estrogen receptor alpha (ESR1), estrogen receptor beta (ESR2), progesterone receptor (PGR), insulin receptor (INSR), androgen receptor (AR) follicle-stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR), and lutropin-choriogonadotropic hormone receptor (LHCGR).
The compounds in the XMet programmes, which include the licensed XMetA antibodies and XOMA's 129 and 358, are fully human, high-affinity, allosteric monoclonal antibodies that selectively modulate the insulin receptor (INSR).
This article will review the evidence for the abilities of myoinositol (MI) and D-ch/ro-inositol (DCI) to improve dysglycemia and related characteristics of metabolic syndrome (MetS), type 2 diabetes (T2D), gestational diabetes, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) by acting in critical metabolic pathways of insulin resistance (InsR).
(13.) Institut National de la Statistique du Rwanda (INSR), ORC Macro.