INSSInstituto Nacional do Seguro Social (Portugese: National Institute for Social Security; Brazil)
INSSInstituto Nacional do Seguro Social (Brazil)
INSSInstituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (Spain's Social Security National Institute)
INSSInstitute for National Security Studies
INSSInstitute for National Security Strategy (Seoul, South Korea)
INSSInternational Conference on Networked Sensing Systems
INSSInstitute for National Strategic Studies (National Defense University)
INSSIncremental Neuro-Symbolic System
INSSIntegrated Network Support System
INSSInternet and Networking Security Solutions Incorporated S.a (San Jose, Costa Rica)
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On April 22, Nicaragua's government cancelled changes made days prior to the INSS that would have increased employer and employee contributions and reduced retiree pensions by 5% to improve the fund's short-term cash flows.
However, his position at the INSS, which is funded by the NIS, annoyed the North, according to Kyungnam University professor Kim Dong-yub.
Thus, the evaluation of the applicant for purposes of granting the benefit, in addition to medical examination, incorporated the social assessment carried out by social workers, also from the National Social Security Institute (INSS).
Although INSS are frequently preferred in concha hypertrophies, it is not always possible to provide recovery in all patients.
INSS launches and engages in innovative, relevant, high-quality research that shapes the public discourse of issues on Israel's national security agenda, and provides policy analysis and recommendations to decision makers, public leaders, and the strategic community, both in Israel and abroad.
INSS pays statutory redundancy to employees of insolvent companies, conducts investigations in the public interest and provides practical information on insolvency procedures in England and Wales.
Policia Nacional (PN) officers laid siege to the INSS building, hoping to force an end to the toma (occupation) by cutting the facility's water and electricity and by blocking outside supporters from supplying the elderly activists with any food, drink, or medicine.
In order to continue to work toward the legislative goals outlined in the HITECH Act, more healthcare organizations must embrace INSs as liaisons between clinicians and information professionals.
The Israeli Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), in its findings into the exchange of fire on August 3 which killed two Lebanese soldiers and a journalist as well as a senior Israeli officer also concluded that the violence had no relation to rockets fired in the same week from Gaza and the Sinai into Israel.
The law reportedly establishes that even if the transfer of shares is registered on the Junta Comercial, the contract may be cancelled if the transaction is not accompanied by the negative certificate CND (Certidao Negativa de Debito) with the INSS.
Japan Paul Giarra, INSS and Robert Manning, Progressive Policy Institute