INSSInstituto Nacional do Seguro Social (Portugese: National Institute for Social Security; Brazil)
INSSInstituto Nacional do Seguro Social (Brazil)
INSSInstituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (Spain's Social Security National Institute)
INSSInstitute for National Security Studies
INSSInstitute for National Security Strategy (Seoul, South Korea)
INSSInternational Conference on Networked Sensing Systems
INSSInstitute for National Strategic Studies (National Defense University)
INSSIncremental Neuro-Symbolic System
INSSIntegrated Network Support System
INSSInternet and Networking Security Solutions Incorporated S.a (San Jose, Costa Rica)
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As the Chairman of INSS, the Secretary stated that "it was of utmost importance to reflect upon the visionary legacy and strategic depth [of Gen.
Data were collected in the second half of 2015 from institutions and stakeholders involved in the formulation and granting process: INSS and MDS national managers, professionals--administrative technicians; INSS medical experts and social workers--and potential beneficiaries, that is, BPC applicants.
According to the INSS statistics for the fourth quarter of 2013, a total 101,049 individuals became insolvent last year, a fall of 8% compared with 2012.
With the peace talks at a virtual standstill, two surveys, by the INSS and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR), released on Tuesday found that 67 percent of Israelis and 70 percent of Palestinians do not believe a permanent peace accord can be reached.
A realidade de desassistencia dos trabalhadores a reabilitacao profissional pelo INSS e os consequentes impactos na organizacao determinaram a constituicao, em setembro de 2009, de um comite multidisciplinar para acompanhamento de trabalhadores com restricoes laborais na empresa, com objetivo de apoiar a recuperacao dos trabalhadores e atuar na mediacao entre os atores envolvidos no retorno ao trabalho.
Policia Nacional (PN) officers laid siege to the INSS building, hoping to force an end to the toma (occupation) by cutting the facility's water and electricity and by blocking outside supporters from supplying the elderly activists with any food, drink, or medicine.
Os dados foram levantados por meio de pesquisa bibliografica e documental, pesquisa de campo e entrevistas em profundidade, com questoes nao estruturadas (DUARTE, 2006), com 50 informantes de nivel tecnico e gerencial, servidores do INSS atuantes no Estado de Sao Paulo, ligados ou nao a area de comunicacao.
In September 2008, NDU developed an informal quarterly discussion between INSS scholars and senior fellows from NDU and officials from the SRV Defense Attache's Office and SRV Embassy Political Section.
INSS specialists believe that an Iranian test in January 2013 would follow increasingly provocative demands by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's regime, including the redrawing of its Iraqi borders and action against the vessels of the US Fifth Fleet.
Unlike other think-tanks, the INSS enjoys a particularly close relationship with the top echelons in Israel.
According to the INSS, the Adaysseh clashes represented a glimpse into new Lebanese military policy to fight back at Israel when provoked.
In the case of INSS deduction loans, the default cost is basically associated with the risk of the borrower's death (biometric risk), since the automatic deduction from benefits prevents borrowers from defaulting.