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INSTRInstruction given (on overtime forms)
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takabala-a laa luma qana lolo scatter-3SG:O inside house INSTR rubbish 'scatter the inside of the house with rubbish'
(35) BENCHBOOK, supra note 2, instr. 5-9-1; United States v.
Much of the excitement was supplied by the two man rhythm section with a chap on tablaand another on tambourine really putting the instr uments through their paces and pushing the instr umental and the songs right along.
AMETEK (Electronic Instr.) FYE 31-Dec $1,199.8 18.0%
Ironicall y, Malley, who worked at Liverpool Prison in Walton, had been the subject of a petition from parents demanding his reinstatement when he was sacked as an instr uctor in the summer of 2001.
Yesterday, the Merseyside TUC instr ucted London legal firm Bindman and Partners to seek a judicial review of the council's decision to allow the BNP into the Priory Road Comprehensive.
Taking instr uctions from ex chief of the Police Superintendents' Association Lord Brian McKenzie, they will help protect former government buildings, terminals and commercial areas and employ Iraqi people to help deliver the aid.
I love watching those taking part in such exercises as the agility,obedience etc and in particular the dancing dog, with an elegant instr uctor, that gave so superb a performance .