INSUFInsufficient Scheduled Time Available; Unable to Finish
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Rektal insuf lasyon sistemik etkileri acisindan major otohemoterapiye gercek bir alternatif olusturmustur ayrica lokal etkilerinden de faydalanilarak ulseratif kolit, proktit, anal fissur ve fistullerde kullanilir.
MEXICO, 2005 Orden de Enfermedad Poblacion no Demanda prioridad catastrofica asegurada efectiva 1 Infarto cerebral 61.000.824 1290 2 Prematurez 1.147.831 7961 3 Cardiopatias 1.147.831 2271 congenitas 4 Cancer 21.440.452 23.550 cervico-uterino 5 Artritis 61.000.824 292.329 reumatoide 6 VIH/SIDA 61.000.824 51.583 7 Leucemia y 61.000.824 16.839 linfomas 8 Sepsis neonatal 1.147.831 4.828 9 Insuf. 1.147.831 379 respiratoria del recien nacido Orden de Demanda Demanda Diferencia prioridad oculta probable % 1 293 1583 18,50 2 1807 9768 18,49 3 515 2786 18,48 4 5346 28.896 18,49 5 63.357 358.685 18,50 6 11.709 63.292 18,49 7 3822 20.661 18,49 8 1096 5994 18,50 9 86 464 18,53 Fuente: resultados de investigacion propia CUADRO 2.
A spokeswoman said: "Af ter very careful and detailed consideration of all the facts and circumstances following an extensive police inqui ry, Crown counsel have decided that there is insuf f icient evidence to satisfy legal requirements to institute a prosecution."
Naif Al Baqami, an economic expert, noted that the total productive capacity of Saudi steel factories would reach only 3.75 million tons, and this was quite insuf icient to meet the annual demand of about 4.75 million tons.
coli) fallo hepatico [flecha inferior] hipertonicidad medular renal ([flecha inferior] urea), no remocion de angiotensina (hiperosmolalidad tubular por [flecha superior] de remocion de agua) insuf. renal compensacion de la incapacidad para aguda (poliurica) concentrar, ante la hiperosmolalidad tubular (provocada por Na, Cl, P K).
Anita Morris, a visiting lecturer in Occupational Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University, claimed the level of professional training among many so-called business coaches was "frighteningly insuf ficient".
A conventional rigid ventilatory bronchoscope was used when examination of the tracheobronchial tree was difficult or when ventilation was insuf ficient--that is, when the [SaO.sub.2] was persistently less than 90%.
Assessment of inmates was "weak", staff training "inadequate, particularly in rel ation to detainees who had suffered severe trauma" and mental health provision was "insuf ficient."