INSURVInspection & Survey
INSURVBoard of Inspection & Survey
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By INSURV Communication Department--October-December 2014
INSURV inspections and Safety Surveys continue to find SCBAs which have the old style face piece.
2] (carbon dioxide) bottles and to store them for the upcoming INSURV inspection.
Submarines who scheduled a survey as required within 12 months of INSURV did well on INSURV.
He led the Supply Department through a successful INSURV, and exceeded TYCOM averages in 23 of 29 continuous monitoring program evaluations.
These are items discovered during a safety surveys or INSURV inspections on a regular basis.
However, INSURV is without a doubt the most comprehensive look a ship will get with respect to numerous programs including damage control.
USS San Antonio (LPD 17) from June 2007 to January 2008 had gone back to back with INSURV, Ultra C, Ultra E, and SMC.
Borlaza, USN, (Gold Star in lieu of Fifth Award), INSURV Beach Detachment, USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), October 2005 to January 2006.
During any administrative review, binder organization is key in providing timely documentation required of inspection teams whether it be SMI, MRI, ORSE, INSURV, 3MA, TRE, NEP, or BSA.
In fact, we meet with the INSURV teams regularly and ensure our checklists correspond with theirs.
INSURV inspections had identified concerns with the storage and use of MAT, the use of personal protection equipment (PPE), and the lack of appropriate mining.