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The Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) has released the 23rd edition of their electronic newsletter, INSURV Insights, in an effort to communicate with the Fleet through tips and tidbits from all aspects of the inspection process, while providing valuable insights, knowledge and experience from the deck plates.
Once InSurv rolled around and they had inspected all our new lifelines, we gained an even greater appreciation for the lifelines they play in everyday safety.
Issue 21 spotlights "Take notice of Iron Gator," "Submarine: Preparing for a Successful Inspection," "Combat Systems: Gun Firing Demonstrations/Live Fire," Electrical Workbenches," "Supply: Talk Shop," "From the Desk of PRESINSURV-Importance of Self Assessment," "INSURV Standardized Working Group," "Hazmat Spill Kits and Gas free Engineering Kits," and "Fair Winds and Following Seas."
It's best described as a mini INSURV, and how an operator is rated weighs heavily on the decision to work with it in the future.
INSURV reported Waesche is a "very clean and capable platform" that met or exceeded all readiness expectations.
By INSURV's Knowledge Management Officer--October-December 2017
Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center, Yokosuka, Japan (SRF--JRMC) via monthly COMNAVSURFPAC Drumbeat teleconferences, semiannual Sustainment Summits in Yokosuka and Singapore, INSURV preparations/inspections, and Fleet commander oversight and advocacy of high priority C-3/4 CASREP material requisition expediting and forward stock positioning.
Currently, NSC conducts Safety Surveys for submarines every 36 months and between l and 365 days prior to an INSURV, I expect this to change to a single 18-24 month survey requirement prior to the end of the year.
All surface ships in the fleet are required to have a safety survey by Naval Safety Center subject-matter experts every 36 months, and within 12 months (three to five, optimally) of an InSurv material inspection.
After completion of all Builder's Trials evolutions, the shipyard, along with the supervisor of shipbuilding (SUPSHIP) and the Makin Island crew, worked in preparation for a one-week evaluation of the ship by the Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) called Acceptance Trials.
The Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) is embarking on a new adventure to communicate with the Fleet through our light-hearted, fun-to-read, electronic newsletter that includes tips and tidbits from all aspects of the inspection process.