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INTACIndividual Terrorist Awareness Course
INTACIndian National Trust for Arts and Culture
INTACIndependent Technical Analysis Centre Ltd. (Canada)
INTACInterceptor Tracking & Control
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The ICS offers parents full control over their children's Internet usage, INTAC claims.
The study showed that tablets using the INTAC technology are characterized by outstanding resistance against pulverization by exhibiting a breaking strength of more than 500 N.
At the INTAC information booth (#128), Grunenthal experts will discuss and present more details of the innovative INTAC technology.
With its innovative tamper-resistant technology, INTAC, Grunenthal is leading the field with already two FDA-approved opioid products utilizing this unique technology which is designed to increase the hurdle for misuse and abuse.
Hans-Jurgen Stahlberg, Director and International Clinical Lead at Grunenthal will present data from a clinical development program aimed at demonstrating bioequivalence between a non-tamper resistant originator product and the product utilizing INTAC (TM) formulation technology (Bridging from Conventional Marketed Extended Release Formulations to New Tamper Resistant Alternatives, poster # 391).
As a result of the merger, INTAC International has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of HSW International, and INTAC International's stock will no longer be quoted on NASDAQ.
INTAC undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements made in this media release.
This press release is not a substitute for the proxy statement and any other documents filed or to be filed by INTAC with the SEC.
INTAC stockholders of record at the close of business on August 17, 2007 will be entitled to vote at the annual meeting.
This press release contains "forward-looking statements," including, among other statements, statements regarding the proposed business combination between INTAC and HSW International, Inc.
I am pleased to report that INTAC continues its improved growth and profitability in the third quarter," said J.
INTAC also began the mailing of a definitive proxy statement/prospectus to all of its shareholders entitled to vote at the special meeting.