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INTACSIntrastromal Corneal Ring Segments
INTACSIntegrated Tactical Communications System
INTACSIntegrated Tactical Communications Study
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ICRs Refraktif ve Aberometrik Sonuclar: INTACs ve Ferrara Ring, mekanik ve femtosaniye lazer teknikleri karsilastirilmis ve her iki ring ve her iki teknikte benzer gorme ve refrakrif sonuclar elde edilmisrir.
It wasn't an intervention I wanted to make in the early stages because there's so little experience of using INTACS in children," he said.
Intacs, also known as intrastromal corneal ring segments (ICRS) is used to manage patients with keratoconus, as an alternative to contact lenses or transplant surgery.
The company also announced that it trained more than 600 surgeons in the Intacs procedure during 1999 -- three times KeraVision's original surgeon-training goal.
Clinical data from the FDA trials show that Intacs are effective in correcting mild myopia and are safe, well-tolerated in the eye, and stable over time," said David J.
Second quarter revenues largely reflect the sale of startup inventory of Intacs, instruments and surgeon training.
But if patients don't like their Intacs, or suffer a side effect such as glare, doctors can remove the rings with a good chance of returning the eyes to presurgery condition.
Brian Boxer Wachler, who at the time was pioneering an innovative procedure which involved inserting Intacs prescription inserts between the layers of the cornea to correct its irregular shape.
INTACS are thin plastic semi-circular rings that can be inserted into the cornea.
Technologies for management include UV corneal cross-linking, INTACS intracorneal rings, penetrating and lamellar keratoplaties, and custom wavefront- and topography-driven treatments, among others.
His work includes inserting special lenses - like the Verisyse iris clip lens from AMO - above and below the iris, laser treatments, and placing rings in the cornea, called INTACS, which exert slight pressure to improve vision.
The increase was based mostly on Canadian sales of Intacs and of related surgical instruments and surgeon training in connection with the launch of Intacs in Canada.