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INTACTInternational Network to Analyze, Communicate, and Transform (anti-female genital mutilation)
INTACTInspired Network to Achieve Community Together (Florida)
INTACTInternational Network to Advance Climate Talks (German Institute for International and Security Affairs)
INTACTInfants Need To Avoid Circumcision Trauma
INTACTIntroduction to Ateneo Culture and Tradition (Ateneo de Manila University; Philippines)
INTACTInternational Nifedipine Trial on Atherosclerosis Coronary Therapy
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With his forces intact he will dispute the mastery of the Empire, and thus, without losing a man, his triumph will be complete.
Moreover, in case of an accident happening to the outside balloon, such as getting torn, for instance, the other would remain intact.
"'Item, that the contents of the Treasury be preserved intact.' Why, that's altered into 'shall be at the absolute disposal of the Vice-Warden'!
The flier seemed intact except for the missing propellor and the fact that it had been carefully moored in the shelter of the clump of trees indicated that the girl had expected to return to it, while the dust and leaves upon its deck spoke of the long days, and even weeks, since she had landed.
"Have no fear," replied Monsieur Maleine, "his pickaxe may demolish the pavilion, perhaps, but it will leave our case intact. I have sounded the walls and examined the ceiling and floor and I know all about it.
These bars, as in the other windows, have remained intact, and the blinds, which naturally open inwards, have not been unfastened.
Two months had come and gone before the convalescent in the Sacramento hospital was identified with Kirkman, the absconding San Francisco clerk; even then, there must elapse nearly a fortnight more till the perfect stranger could be hunted up, the portmanteau recovered, and John's letter carried at length to its destination, the seal still unbroken, the inclosure still intact.
He found it intact: the steel bands were flawless; the whole trunk was compact.
But in those items the ancient was intact, although one leg ceased midway between knee and thigh.
Helium lies a thousand miles southwest of Zodanga, and with my compass intact I should have made the trip, barring accidents, in between four and five hours.
In one place we blundered upon a scorched and blackened area, now cooling and ashen, and a number of scattered dead bodies of men, burned horribly about the heads and trunks but with their legs and boots mostly intact; and of dead horses, fifty feet, perhaps, behind a line of four ripped guns and smashed gun carriages.
D'Artagnan obeyed, and Mazarin ascertained that the seal was intact.