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INTACTInternational Network to Analyze, Communicate, and Transform (anti-female genital mutilation)
INTACTInspired Network to Achieve Community Together (Florida)
INTACTInternational Network to Advance Climate Talks (German Institute for International and Security Affairs)
INTACTInfants Need To Avoid Circumcision Trauma
INTACTIntroduction to Ateneo Culture and Tradition (Ateneo de Manila University; Philippines)
INTACTInternational Nifedipine Trial on Atherosclerosis Coronary Therapy
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Moreover, in case of an accident happening to the outside balloon, such as getting torn, for instance, the other would remain intact.
Item, that the contents of the Treasury be preserved intact.
These bars, as in the other windows, have remained intact, and the blinds, which naturally open inwards, have not been unfastened.
D'Artagnan obeyed, and Mazarin ascertained that the seal was intact.
Introducing the Intact FGF23 Assay with such a broad dynamic range while maintaining an easier assay procedure is really changing the game in FGF23 research.
27 September 2017 - Sweden-based cyber security solutions Cognosec AB (NASDAQ: COGS) has closed the acquisition of South Africa-based digital software distribution company Intact Software Distribution to expand business areas in internet-based software technology sales and distribution, the company said.
Objective--To evaluate mechanical properties of pigeon (Columba livia) cadaver intact humeri versus ostectomized humeri stabilized with a locking or nonlocking plate.
Cognosec AB (Nasdaq: COGS), a supplier of cyber security solutions with operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, has signed an exclusive agreement with Intact Software Distribution, a South Africa-based company specialising in the sale and digital distribution via innovative portal technologies of cyber security solutions, products and services, the company said.
Adding my Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance to the solution can now provide potential insurance benefits.
Related to the financing Intact Vascular also announced that NEA Partner Justin Klein, MD, JD, has joined the company's board of directors.
Intact grains generally have fewer calories by weight than processed whole grains, simply because the unprocessed grain is bulkier.
We aimed to evaluate whether PTH fragments interfere with 2 commonly used US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved second-generation clinical immunoassays: the Roche Elecsys/Cobase601 and the Beckman Access DxI 800 intact PTH assays.