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Each winner will receive their award, which Includes $250 and a certificate, at INTC 2001, scheduled for September 5-7 at the Renaissance Harborplacef in Baltimore, MD.
Both puts and calls are heavily active on INTC today, with put volume more than quadrupling the stock's daily average, while call volume has more than tripled the norm.
According to an article on MarketWatch, AMD originally filed its antitrust suit against INTC in June 2005, accusing the firm of bullying a range of computer makers, distributors, and retailers from Europe to Asia into not selling or supporting AMD products.
Turning a closer eye to the stock's technical performance, INTC has managed a bit of a recovery in recent sessions.
Click the following link to see a Monthly chart of INTC since July 2005 with 10-month and 20-month moving averages: http://www.
This year hasn't been the best for INTC from a technical aspect.
The shares of INTC have retreated two percent after being rejected at the 20 level once again.
As I previously noted, today's move higher in INTC brought it through the 17.
This move comes as INTC continues to lose market shares to Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD).
MRVL also noted that INTC currently expects to receive the $600 million purchase price entirely in cash, but has the option to take up to $100 million of the consideration in MRVL common stock.
The brokerage recommended INTC after its "imminent" earnings disappointment, given that the margins have "likely" bottomed, market share is expected to rise, and INTC's valuation is attractive.
While INTC has added more than three percent on the ratings change, it seems that the equity's upside is being limited once again by its troublesome 20-day moving average.