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Plantas por Cosechar = INTEG (para cosechar - cosecha, 0) (4)
15) Error integral = INTEG (error rate, 0) Units: units
17) 'Factory inventory (X1)' = INTEG (production start rate-production completion rate, desired finished inventory) Units: units
Numero de operadores = INTEG (operadores interesados-retiros).
Numero de suscriptores = INTEG (nuevos suscriptores - tasa de desercion).
Concerning the scores on INTEG, Thai people had relative a low level of the degree of tolerance, harmony, and friendship endorsed by the society at the expenses of competitiveness when compared with groups of people from Japan and the U.
AGE, INTEG, and HOURS were as described previously.
17) Innovation & Development Index A = INTEG (Alteration Rate of Innovation & Development A, 5.
Quesos Moldeados = INTEG (+ produccion - salado, QUESOS MOLDEADOS INICIAL) (7)