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INTEGRALInternational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory
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Well, perhaps the Selenites have carried the integral calculus farther than you have; and, by the bye, what is this
I could not live in furnished lodgings: my lodging was my private solitude, my shell, my cave, in which I concealed myself from all mankind, and Apollon seemed to me, for some reason, an integral part of that flat, and for seven years I could not turn him away
Dame Dermody's nobler superstition formed an integral part of her religious convictions--convictions which had long since found their chosen resting-place in the mystic doctrines of Emanuel Swedenborg.
From being slender he had now become meagre; once pale, he was now yellow; his deep-set eyes were hollow, and the gold spectacles shielding his eyes seemed to be an integral portion of his face.
The heads were peculiarly repulsive--so much so that it seemed unbelievable to the girl that they formed an integral part of the beautiful bodies below them.
The result of these various considerations is that the differences between animals and dead matter, when we confine ourselves to external unscientific observation of integral behaviour, are a matter of degree and not very precise.
He thought--perhaps most of all--could it be that these things were yet but so many weeks old, and had become an integral part of his life?
It lurched neither to right nor left, but sank almost in a vertical line, snapping and breaking and tearing as it went, because no integral part could bear for an instant the enormous strain loosed upon it.
Following the deal with administrators, PWC, Integral is now responsible for delivering nationwide contracts for several High Street food retailers, including; Tesco, Morrison's and Waitrose.
From such considerations and the desire to widen the scope of applications of inequalities with explicit bounds, motivated us to discover new integral and finite difference inequalities, which can be applied fairly well to achieve a diversity of desired goals.
Each problem that follows contains some details required for hand-computation to produce a new, simpler integral that is then within the capabilities of each of the three CAS.
His integral vision has much to offer our field of counseling, and it is that vision that we are excited to share in this issue.
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