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(3), in a group taking 15 or 20 mg of rivaroxaban OD, rivaroxaban-dependent prolongation increases in CT were observed in patients using Extem, Intem, and Fibtem.
Bu islem sonrasi InTEM'de pihtilasma zamani (PT) ve pihti olusumu zamani (CFT), ExTEM'de CT, CFT ve maksimum pihtilasma zamani ve FibTEM'de MCF den olusan thromboelastometri parametreleri otomatik olarak olculdu.
Animal CT (s) CFT (s) MCF (mm) [alpha] ([degrees]) Pig No 1 fibtem 100 intem 79 94 100 85 extem 81 100 100 84 Pig No 2 fibtem 97 intem 48 95 91 73 extem 79 102 100 88 Pig No 3 fibtem 79 intem 51 14 83 79 extem 45 74 86 83 Pig No 4 fibtem 95 intem 51 95 99 83 extem 83 100 100 84 Table 2--Statistical analysis of parameters, CT--clotting time; CFT--clot formation time; MCF--maximum clot firmness, [alpha]--angle; SD--standard deviation.
INTEM (intrensik tromboelastometri): Parsiyal tromboplastin kullanilarak intrensik yol aktive edilir.
They found that protamine 0.1-1.6 U/ml produced significant increases in coagulation time (CT) in thromboplastin-phospholipid containing samples (INTEM), but not in tissue factor containing samples (EXTEM).
By Boniface Manyala, Communications Intem, African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)
Nathan Ericson is the communications intem for The Ohio Society.
Also helping Duane Reade attract pharmacists in an area where several major chains, numerous independents and dozens of hospitals and clinics are competing for their services is the company's pharmacist intem program, where pharmacy students work in a Duane Reade store during their final year in college.
Ashlee Watkins, a senior at Lindenwood University, has joined the agency as winter/spring intem.
I asked the nurse who called with the results and the doctor's new dosage schedule what the ratio was, and she said emphatically, "We don't use those here." I hadn't heard that tone since I was an intem dealing with a very senior nurse.