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It employs innovative 'Field Time Control' technology where a concentrated electric field is generated around the sensor; the reaction time of the sensor varies as the material interfers with the electric field and the sensor signal output corresponds to the presence or absence of material at that point.
3[degrees]F), is vomiting, has pain that interfers with activity or he really isn't feeling well, then keep him at home.
Because the accumulation of fluid in the intrapleural space compresses the lung tissue, and thereby interfers with the lung's ability to expand, a pleural effusion produces a restrictive process.
My dad never interfers with my career, but he assured me that, if the voice is solidly placed and you can get the petto [chest] right, you can sing Verdi.
Lack of excludability also interfers with the normal market mechanisms that dictate producers' decisions concerning the amounts and qualities they will supply.
It would observe far beyond the sources of the zodiacal light, which interfers with earth- and near-earth-based observations of faint objects, particularly in the infrared.