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INTERNICInternet Network Information Center
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The program queries the InterNIC server with the domain name.
Currently, InterNIC has a policy of first come first served on the registration of domain names.
Applicants must additionally agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Network Solutions and the agencies that comprise InterNIC for any legal claims regarding their use of the name.
Your domain name also can expire if for any reason - even a billing error by Internic - your invoice is not paid.
Also, InterNIC will not register a domain name unless the registrant has at least two dedicated servers assigned to and supporting that domain name.
Reserve your organization's Internet address with Internic, the company that registers corporate names.
Moreover, approximately 46 percent of the largest publicly traded companies now have some form of Internet presence, be it in the form of a domain, network, or host computer registered with the InterNIC.
As a result of the growing ID shortage, InterNIC has set up tougher criteria for granting addresses.
If you aim Gopher at the Internet Information Center, the InterNIC, you can effortlessly acquire a lot of helpful information about the Internet.
Each week Susan Calcari of InterNIC publishes a Scout Report (she has the enviable position of official Info Scout), a digest of the most interesting resources of the week (InterNIC is a consortium of three companies that provides registration, data base and directory services to the Internet community).
A useful source for the Internet novice is the InterNIC Information Services InfoSource Gopher.