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INTIInstituto Nacional de Tierras (Spanish: National Land Institute; Venezuela)
INTIInstituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (National Institute for Industrial Technology; Argentina)
INTIInternational New Town Institute (Almere, Netherlands)
INTIIntegrated Network of Transportation Information
INTIInternational Network on Technical Information (est. 1998; various locations)
INTIInternational Non-Traditional Teaching Initiative (Oldfields School; Glencoe, MD)
INTIInternational Network Training Institute, Inc. (publisher)
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We pass a monumental Luca Giordano that has just returned from the restorers, and Inti explains that he is gradually conserving all the Old Master paintings.
The full tour includes all of the stages of the Inti Raymi with exclusive seating at the main event in Sacsayhuaman.
El proyecto fue dado a conocer formalmente el 11 de febrero de 1981, mediante una reunion con representantes de la CNEA, el INTI, la Facultad de Agronomia de la UBA, el Acuerdo Sudamericano sobre Estupefacientes y Psicotropicos, el INCYTH, el Instituto de Neurobiologia, el Centro Argentino de Estudios de Radiocomunicacion y Compatibilidad Electromagnetica (CAERCEM), el Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria (INTA) y la Secretaria de Comunicaciones, "para su conocimiento y critica" (CAICYT, 1982:9-10).
In 2005, the name of the company was changed with PT Inti Sukses Garmindo (ISG).
The CENDIs, Fundacion Chile, and the INTI Center are not just successful educational programs; they have been able to look beyond the student-teacher relationship to see and understand the many factors that affect children's ability to learn.
CEO Rob Hyndes commented "The Granting of the Production and Operational IUP licenses for Inti Cemerlang and Promistis represents a significant milestone for the Company.
Inti Wara Yassi is a cause that is close to their hearts.
He was out first ball most times and it was only after the skipper Younis Khan and Inti sat him down and told him his importance in the team and played a little bit on his ego that Afridi did justice to his batting.
As Simon, Grossman and a team of colleagues reported in 2006, Inti contains a suite of minerals that likely were forged in fiery conditions found deep inside the cloud of gas and dust that formed the sun, Earth and the planets.
The European Commission published the 2006 INTI call for proposals on 28 August for preparatory measures designed to promote the integration of third-country (non-EU) nationals.
El diputado Inti Munoz aclaro que no se opone a la construccion de la monumental biblioteca Jose Vasconcelos.