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INTIInstituto Nacional de Tierras (Spanish: National Land Institute; Venezuela)
INTIInstituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (National Institute for Industrial Technology; Argentina)
INTIInternational New Town Institute (Almere, Netherlands)
INTIIntegrated Network of Transportation Information
INTIInternational Network on Technical Information (est. 1998; various locations)
INTIInternational Non-Traditional Teaching Initiative (Oldfields School; Glencoe, MD)
INTIInternational Network Training Institute, Inc. (publisher)
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'Hopefully we can promote D'Khayangan everywhere in accordance with the existence of INTI Club,' he said while giving a speech in the Room Hall, D'Khayangan, Cikarang, Bekasi, on Wednesday (2/21).
It is a collection of which Inti Ligabue is now custodian and champion, and to which he is carefully adding.
"It's a trend that is not just happening in France," says Mathieu Bejot, managing director of TV France Inti. "Scandinavian, Australian or British drama series like 'Broadchurch' are also grounded in local settings: in fact the location often becomes a character itself."
However, it's the craftsmanship of Chilean lenser Inti Briones, who has worked with Raul Ruiz and Cristian Jimenez, that really steals the show here.
( Niche Gamer says it's possible that Igarashi and Inti Creates would follow the team behind "Yooka-Laylee" and just ditch the Wii U version while also providing refunds to backers who wanted it to come to the dated console.
Low-budget but expert tech package features grainy, color-saturated cinematography (blown up from Super 16) by Raoul Ruiz regular Inti Briones and ambient sound design by Pablo Pinochet and Dominique Viellard ("232," "God's Offices").
World cinema is in focus at the 28th annual Palm Springs Inti. Film Festival, running Jan.
d-rights Inc., Takaaki Nakazawa, VP Inti., 81 3 5298 7211,, P.
Publicly listed agribusiness company PT Salim Ivomas Pratama said it has acquired 70% of PT Mitra Inti Sejati at a price of Rp 66.5 billion (US$ 7.4 million).